Why I give a damn so much ?

People sometimes ask me : ’ Dk why do you care so much ? Why do you try and go out of your way to make sure people are alright …you’re just causing trouble for yourself ..’

To be honest , I don’t know either. To be honest , some days I wish I could stop giving a fucking damn and just let everyone be. To be honest  I wish I could turn off my ability to sympathize and care ; and just walk the fuck away. But here’s the punchline - I can’t !

Here’s the truth - I care cause it’s in me to do so. I wish for those close to me to be happy and when they are not , I go out of my way to cheer them up or to be that guy they can talk to.

But what about those people who misuse that empathy I hold or what about the people who think the only reason I care is because I wish to know everyone’s problems ?…to them I say : fuck you.

But no matter what , even to those who misuse my empathy or question it , I still am there for them. It’s who I am. I can’t ever change that & I don’t think I would ever want to.

giving a damn

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